7 Tips Using Instagram For Your Event's PR Success

CosmeCon was a success! Eastridge Center did a fantastic job at marketing this event and Chi was excited to help cover the event with the Emo Kids of Color Team. We’re here to share insta tips and also feature some of our partners while we’re at it! If you didn’t know Eastridge’s instagram are #instagoals from their usage of instagram stories, video, photo and community engagement. Eastridge Center brought Bay Area Collectives, panel speakers (@sosheslays + @shadesbyshan) local to global makeup brands all in one roof!

So She Slays and Shades By Shan Panel Photo By Bryan Arroyo Gutierrez

So She Slays and Shades By Shan Panel Photo By Bryan Arroyo Gutierrez

Are you planning an event and want to utilize Instagram features to drive your social media PR? Check out 7 tips to bake magic into your content strategy.

  1. Create a hashtag for your Event

    Make a buzz and encourage your event attendees to use your event hashtag when they post to instagram. People can now follow hashtags and keep up to date of user posts as they scroll on their feed. The event hashtag is an easy way to interact with your attendees and also sourcing user-generated content to repost since it’s all categorized though your hashtag. 

    Last weekend, Eastridge Center, hosted the CosmeCon event with the hashtag #CosmeCon2019 with over 200 posts from attendees.


  2. Invite local collectives and partner with local brands

    The bay area is brewing creatives and brands just waiting to connect. We love all the community vibes and groups such as the @latinxcollective, @sosheslays, @shadesbyshan, @youarecollective, @thechaimovement, @sanjosecreatives, @halohalocollective

    Think about your event’s purpose and mission and find partners who vibe with ya! The center was filled with powerhouse women who help support each other.

  3. Instagram Story Sharing

    Tag your partners and collabs in your Instagram stories to make it an easy repost for them on their stories! Story sharing is a great way to increase your engagement and be visible to different audiences.

  4. Tag your location on Instagram Stories

    Increase your reach and audience by tagging your location. Did you know? By tagging your location on your instagram story, you have a chance at being featured in the location tag to be discovered by others.

  5. Engage with your Audience

    Remember how we said to create a hashtag for your event? Now event photos can be categorized and make it easier to engage with your event attendees! Show some love by commenting, liking, reposting and thanking them for coming to your event.

  6. Go Live!

    Let your audiences get a live behind the scenes at your event on Instagram Live. We were able to provide live event coverage for CosmeCon during their MAC Masterclass giving our online audiences a way to engage during live broadcasting. Live features give our online audience a chance to ask questions through comments or even go live with the brand!

  7. Bring in a Video and Photo Team

    Document all the excitement to add to your content strategy on Instagram.

    Emarketer reports, “Engagement numbers for videos posted to top media publisher accounts worldwide increased by 53% year over year in May, surpassing the 46% growth rate seen for photos over the same timeframe.”

About Chi

Chi is a creative agency that focuses on social media content and management. Our mission is to bridge online and #IRL communities through art, content creation and social media. With partners such as Eastridge and Emo Kids of Color, we are able to share our vision in building community with businesses, creatives and non-profit organizations.  Interested in working with us? Send us a message at chicreativeagency@gmail.com