Q&A with Lowpass Magazine: Nando & Karina Supports Underground Salinas Artists through their Zine.

Through our travels in California for art shows with Emo Kids of Color, we are able to meet other creatives cultivating their communities with art. We have been able to meet zine creators of Lowpass Magazine. It was created by Fernando & Karina in Salinas, California. Their goal for Lowpass magazine is to document and shine light on some of the wonderful underground music and art that resides within the 831 area providing a platform for musicians and artists to be heard, seen and appreciated. Read on to learn more about their zine and about underground artists making moves in Salinas!

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The Coffeehouse Invite: What is a zine?

Lowpass Magazine: A zine is pretty much just magazine that is small and independently run by a small group of people instead of a huge corporation. A zine doesn’t have to be digitally designed either, it can be made by anyone with some extra paper and some passion laying around. Zines have been written and created for just about every niche and topic imaginable. Some examples of topics for zines would be art, music, cars, social justice issues, lgbtq+ experiences, environmental awareness and the list goes on. So there’s definitely a zine out there that will peak your interest, it’s all about finding those zines!

The Coffeehouse Invite: How did LowPass Magazine start?

Nando: We both love music and we started going to local shows in our hometown of Salinas, mostly at Somos Art Gallery. Every time we went to an event we found out about new local artists that we really enjoyed so we kept on going.

Karina: While we were going to these local shows I began to feel the need to document these local artists, so I began taking photographs and videos while they were performing. I first started posting these photos and videos on my personal Instagram account but then we decided that it would be best to have an independent Instagram specifically for these local musicians and artists so that they may have a platform to be heard and seen.


Nando: Yeah, we also began to talk to and befriended many of the artists after their sets but we always wanted to know more about their musical process and inspirations. That’s when we decided on creating a Zine that would host interviews with local musicians and artists and thus Lowpass Magazine was born.

The Coffeehouse Invite: I know that both of you have other artistic talents. Can you share what those talents are and how they have influenced the zines you create?

Nando: I produce some electronic and lofi beat music and I actually came up with the name Lowpass magazine while writing music one day. A low pass filter is commonly used in lofi beats to remove unwanted high end frequencies but I remember telling myself “low pass would be a good name for a magazine”. So, I guess that’s one big influence. Being a music producer also allows me to relate to the musicians that we interview and interact with.

Karina: Through photography I taught myself ways to compose photos and videos. This skill helps me layout the pages of the zine.

The Coffeehouse Invite: What keeps you inspired to create?

Nando: Personally I’m often driven to create because I hear so much negative press surrounding Salinas. I want to show people that the artistic and creative side to Salinas that is often overlooked.

Karina: My inspiration comes from those who create. Watching them create, and be motivated is very inspiring. Adds fire to my fuel of creating.

The Coffeehouse Invite:
What 3 tips would you share with someone who wanted to start creating their own zine?

Lowpass Magazine:

1. Pick topic or theme

This sounds simple but can really help kick start your first zine! Preferably something you are passionate about.

2. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time

Most digitally made zine are created in a mixture of adobe photoshop and indesign. These programs can seem a bit daunting but there are plenty of online resources available about how to use these softwares.

3. Get creative!

If digital workplaces aren’t your cup of tea you can always make your own handmade zine with a pen and paper. Just make them with love and care. Some of the best and most interesting zines we’ve seen were individually handmade!

The Coffeehouse Invite: Who are some artists/musicians we should be keeping on our radar from LowPass Magazine?

Lowpass Magazine: There are so many great local artists to keep an eye on. Just to name a few:

YOY is a indie shoegaze project from Salinas that you have got to check out. Their album Who R U ? is fantastic and totally deserves some more attention.

Panda Labs are two man rap group that have just released a new project named Unfinished Spillage. These guys are dedicated to their craft and have been playing tons of local shows so that they can spread the word about their new project. Definitely check this talented duo out! Also shoutout to Raf who produced their project.

Alex Ramirez is an solo indie folk artist from Monterey. Alex Ramirez is an absolutely amazing guitar player and his music recordings truly capture his charm and personality. Alex Ramirez is also one part of Neverboard Magazine, which is another local zine from Monterey. Shout out Neverboard Magazine!

Check out our instagram for all the other amazing local artists!

The Coffeehouse Invite: What types of submissions do you accept and can you tell our readers how they can submit to you zine?

Lowpass Magazine: We are currently accepting submissions for our future issues of Lowpass Magazine. We accept music submissions for album reviews, band interviews, photography, digital and analog media, poetry, comics, and everything else art related. You can submit your art to Lowpassmagazine@gmail.com

We also are looking for local musicians that want to be featured in our Spotify playlist!

The Coffeehouse Invite: Where can we find your zines?

Lowpass Magazine: You can find our zines on sale on Etsy

The Coffeehouse Invite: Any other upcoming projects, events or collaborations you would like to announce?

Lowpass Magazine: As for projects we are currently wrapping up our second issue of Lowpass Magazine. So, tuned in for that!

For events, we would like to just shout out Somos Art Gallery for keeping the creative fire stoked in Salinas. Somos Art Gallery has events a few times a month which is great for our creative community. You should definitely follow Somos on Instagram to stay up to date on local events!

The Coffeehouse Invite: At Chi, we encourage others to reach out and find people to collaborate with. Are you looking for anyone to work with? If so let, our Chi community know.

Lowpass Magazine: Yeah, we are always looking for photographers and musicians to collaborate with. Send us an email or instagram DM and let us know how we can help feature you in our next issue of Lowpass Magazine


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