Emo Kids of Color Art Exhibit "Dangerous Minds" launches at Chromatic Cafe on Jan 7, 2019

On January 7th, 2019, E.K.O.C. (Emo Kids of Color) launches their first art exhibit, “Dangerous Minds” at Chromatic Coffee in Santa Clara, Ca. E.K.O.C. are a collective of artists who use art to escape anxiety, depression and being broke kids of color from marginalized neighborhoods. “Dangerous Minds” is named after the 90’s movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer about kids of color from marginalized neighborhoods who use poetry to reach their full potential. Dangerous Minds asks the question, “What happens when you rage against the dying of the light?”

Photo By Ruben Escalante

Photo By Ruben Escalante

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1/6/19 - Instagram Story Exclusive Installation

1/7/19 - “Dangerous Minds” Art Exhibit opens to public

2/8/19 - Reception - Meet the Artists at Chromatic Cafe 6PM-8PM

Location: Chromatic Cafe 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Featured Artists

Nicholas Jimenez

Ruben Escalante

Bryan Gutierrez Arroyo

Tian Checa

Damian Kelly

Maryela Perez

Lailani Africa


E.K.O.C.Lailani Africa