Dangerous Minds Exhibit Brings in Strong Community Support

The Dangerous Minds Art Reception was a success! Chromatic Cafe welcomed over 50 artists, press and supporters come out for a night of coffee and mingling. Zines, paintings, and mixed media art were out for display from seven artists Maryela Perez, Damian Kelly, Nicholas Jimenez, Kajmere, Tianna Checa, Bryan Arroyo Gutierrez and Ruben Escalante.

The event wouldn’t be successful without our community support and other artists in attendance who help share and promote the vision of the art collective, Emo Kids of Color. Founder of Lavish Buds Magazine, Galy Jimenez shares her thoughts about EKOC.

“One thing I really admire about EKOC (Emo Kids of Color) is that the collective itself gives a platform to artists that come from marginalized and low funded communities. Growing up in these circumstances often results in artists not having the adequate and creative resources to explore and express their full potential. EKOC acts as a safe zone for artists who want to be free and comfortable expressing who they are without judgement or fear. Rather than romanticizing mental health disorders, EKOC highlights and brings awareness to topics that are usually disregarded by our own families and communities.”

We are excited to see what’s next for EKOC. Emo Kids of Color plans host upcoming art shows and collaborate with different artists to help bring the collective to other places for people who seek a safe space to share their art work. We want to thank our lovely host and sponsor, Chromatic Cafe, and Jasmin Perez for sharing the space for Emo Kids of Color's first exhibit!

Stay tuned for the next art show on March 30th at Cafe Lumiere Monterey. Official announcement to follow.

Want to get involved or learn more about Emo Kids of Color?

Message us at chicreativeagency@gmail.com


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About Emo Kids of Color

Emo Kids of Color are a collective of artists who use art to escape anxiety, depression, and being broke kids of color from marginalized neighborhoods. E.K.O.C. has been featured at the Human Specimen booth during South First Fridays in Downtown San Jose’s SOFA District. Visit www.chicreativeagency.com/ekocxchromaticcafe to learn more about the artists and for current news updates.

Watch behind the scenes installation.

E.K.O.C.Lailani Africa