Workshop #2: Your Story Matters

Photo by: Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

Photo by: Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

We are in our second week of the 4-week Poetry Workshop with Acer America and Macla’s DMCStudio and each week we are brought with different people, feelings and stories. This workshop is a safe space for adults and youth to unite, tell our stories, create a poem and just be human.

During the workshop, we start with a check-in as we welcomed new Acer volunteers and youth joining us to the space. We gave our intros, pronouns, what we had for Thanksgiving and our favorite movements (dancing, smiling, strumming a guitar).

Each week brings a new table round discussion where topics are chosen from a box. This week brought in heavier topics from the previous workshop. The first topic chosen was homelessness.

Andrew Datu, Program Coordinator of Genesys Works shares his reaction about Macla’s DMCStudio Youth opening up about their struggles.

“We listened to stories from students that had been homeless and their stories really left an impact on me. I really felt the struggle, pain, and shame they felt having experienced homelessness as a child and I was really impressed by their willingness to share their stories. I think it really shows the level of comfort they felt in the DMC space.”

Workshop Instructor, Jarvis Subia presented the second topic of the migrant caravan. A Vice News video was played telling the story of Central American migrants seeking Asylum at the US Border. “We’re not crooks like they say, we’re fighters” a woman says to Vice News.

To segue from the video, a poem called “Undocujoy” by Yosimir Reyes was also shared. A poet and activist born in Guerreo, Mexico and raised in Eastside San Jose  He recites his observation of how people see undocumented immigrants.

“ I love my undocumented people. I love us because we wake up to a country that hates us. We wake up, give thanks to God and go to work. Watch the news, hear how our own TV’s vilify us. We change the channel. We pray tomorrow will be a better day for us.”

After watching videos to help inspire the next part of the workshop, our prompt was to create a poem of that would be our ideal country. What brings us joy for ourselves and for our people? At the end of our workshop, Acer volunteers and youth share their poems.

Your story matters and that’s why we’re here. Once again from our hearts to yours, thank you for your time and presence for being part of this special workshop.

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About Acer America x DMCStudio Workshop

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Acer America, Macla’a DMCStudio and Chi Creative Agency partner to create a community poetry workshop in San José as they bridge our tech and arts community. Macla’s DMCStudio is an arts education center dedicated to mentoring youth (Ages 12-19)  During the poetry workshop volunteers and youth are able to enter into dialogue about issues that affect our youth. After discussion, workshop attendees will also learn to create their own poems. No poetry experience needed as Spoken Word Poet, Jarvis Subia, will be facilitating workshop.