Workshop #1: Pizza + Poetry with Acer America and Macla's DMCStudio

Acer America Volunteers and MACLA’S DMCStudio create poetry together   Photo by: Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

Acer America Volunteers and MACLA’S DMCStudio create poetry together

Photo by: Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

We kicked off the #AcerAmericaxDMCStudio Workshop on 11/19! What better way to celebrate is with pizza + poetry for the first workshop of our 4-week series. Leading the 4-week workshop is San José’s 2018 Poetry Grand Slam Champion, Jarvis Subia.

The beginning of the workshop started off with an icebreaker. We introduced ourselves, our pronouns, a word to describe our current feelings and a word to describe our music taste. After the icebreaker, Subia facilitated the table round discussion where topics were chosen from a box. Topics range from political, social and pop culture. The topics that were chosen included “Feminism” and how we define it and "Snapchat" that led into a discussion of the usage of social media and how it affects our relationships to one another . Ruben Escalante, Macla’s DMCStudio Program Coordinator, explains the importance of the DMCStudio programs

“We want to develop generations of critical thinkers. Having these types of workshops allow our youth and adults to engage in important topics in a space where they can speak freely.”

To help give our workshop attendees who are new to poetry a deeper understanding of what spoken word is about, we were shown video examples from artists that included Rudy Francisco, Janae Johnson and Sonya Renee Taylor. Janae Johnson’s piece “Ode to My Ripped Jeans” expresses the poet’s openness, vulnerability and breaking obedience. Tammy Huynh, Acer Volunteer, comments after watching the spoken word performances

“After watching the spoken word videos, I could see how liberating and daunting it must be for artists (and anyone for that matter) to express their feelings and share their words with the world.”

Acer Volunteers create their “Ode to” Poems   Photo by Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

Acer Volunteers create their “Ode to” Poems

Photo by Tammy Huynh (@bitesoftravel)

As the workshop progressed, we dove into a poetry exercise to start the writing process. We were asked to write down people who are influential in our lives, important movements, nouns and adjectives to help us create our own "Ode to" poem. 

No matter who we are, we can come together to create understanding right here at Macla’s DMCStudio. We value your presence, your voice and ears as we bridge our community through the arts.

Chi Creative is beyond blessed to partner with Acer America and Macla’s DMCStudio. Thank you to all our volunteers and youth who participated in our workshop launch. The best is yet to come.

Join us!

Interested in joining a workshop? Message us at

Mon, Nov 26 from 4PM-6PM

Mon, Dec 3   from 4PM-6PM

Mon, Dec 10 from 4PM-6PM 

About Acer America x DMCStudio Workshop

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Acer America, MACLA’S DMCStudio and Chi Creative Agency partner to create a community poetry workshop in San Jose as they bridge our tech and arts community. Macla’s DMCStudio is an arts education center dedicated to mentoring youth (Ages 12-19)  During the poetry workshop volunteers and youth are able to enter into dialogue about issues that affect our youth. After discussion, workshop attendees will also learn to create their own poems. No poetry experience needed as Spoken Word Poet, Jarvis Subia, will be facilitating workshop. 

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