Acer America Front Desk Poetry Week!

AcerxDMCStudio Poetry

We continue with our front desk art exhibit at Acer America to promote the upcoming #AcerAmericaxDMCStudio workshop kicking off on 11/19! This week we celebrate poetry we feature our favorite poems, youth poetry and also do a “Write the next line” poem with Acer employees.

Sometimes writing poetry can be a little intimidating while it’s new for some so we decided to try a fun way to collaborate with employees by writing one line after the next. See the finished poem right here.

By bridging our tech and art community we hope to build collaborations and support for our youth in arts education. The workshop is a way for Acer volunteers and youth to work together and discuss issues in the world and in a local level. Communication is key and we’re happy to support this 4-week workshop series!

“I am surrounded by light

Yet surrounded by darkness

On my steps to the path of home

Where my cat sleeps

Where the end meets, I contemplate

What is my fate?

In this big beautiful world

I am on top of a high rise and I see...

The sea, sun and shores glisten before me,

Don't you see what I see?

The sun rising over the sea

And so I say, whatever will be, will be

comfort overwhelms through the idea that we are free.”

Want to learn more about the #AcerAmericaxDMCStudio workshop? Find out more here.