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Chi helps bridge our tech and arts community in Silicon Valley. What better way to create community is connecting local businesses and organizations through volunteerism!

Photo by Tammy Huynh of

Photo by Tammy Huynh of

About Volunteer Project

Each year headquarters gives awards to regions for outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility projects. This year’s CSR initiative is focused around education. To work towards Acer’s mission of breaking barriers between people and technology, Acer employees are invited to volunteer as mentors for at-risk youth (ages 12-19). During the poetry workshop Acer employees and youth are able to enter into a dialogue and collaborative through art and poetry about issues that affect our youth; bridging our tech and arts community. The poetry workshop provides a safe space to speak and create content that will be used to collaborate with the digital workshops in film, photography and music! Topics can include effects of social media, mental illness, career choices, truancy, etc.

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Week 1 - 11/5 Volunteer Campaign Launches at Acer America

Week 2 - 11/12: It’s Poetry Week!

  • We feature our favorite poems, youth poems and collaborate with Acer Employees to create their own “Write The Next Line” poem.

  • Macla’s DMCStudio visits Acer’s volunteer info session on 11/15.

Week 3 - 11/19: Workshop #1 Topics: Effects of Social Media + Feminism

Week 4 - 11/26: Workshop #2 Topics: Homelessness + Immigration (Migrant Caravan)

Week 5 - 12/3: Workshop #3 Topics: Education + Depression

Week 6 - 12/10: Workshop #4 Topics: Where will we be in 40 years? (Environment + Technology) + Is the pen mightier than the sword?

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Read testimonials from our workshop attendees

I really enjoyed the poetry workshops with Acer, because it brought together different generations through writing and spoken word. It was a great space that provided a platform for me and other youth to talk to adults about issues that we strongly believed in, and have them listen and discuss with us, which is not an experience many youth are fortunate enough to have.

I think that providing a space where adults and youth can come together is so important, because especially now in America, I think there is a little, if not a lot, of culture clash and clash of ideals between different generations. Meeting together and sharing our ideas, helps bridge that difference, and help us find common ground.
— Anouk, DMCStudio Youth
I think it’s great that today there are more spaces available for youth to voice the challenges they are facing, especially in our current times where mental health is such a prevalent issue. I liked how one of the students brought up the concept of “Self Love” – which is something that I think tends to get overlooked.
— Regina Aquino, Acer Logistics Specialist
I think there are a lot of kids that do not have guidance in life. I want to be there for kids that may have questions or need guidance to get them through key times in life and help them head off in the right direction. Whether it is family issues or school support or to discuss future college plans.
— Michelle Leavitt, Director of Consumer Marketing
We listened to stories from students that had been homeless and their stories really left an impact on me. I really felt the struggle, pain, and shame they felt having experienced homelessness as a child and I was really impressed by their willingness to share their stories. I think it really shows the level of comfort they felt in the DMC space.
— Andrew Datu, Genesys Works Program Coordinator
I learned that there is a way for youth to find an outlet for youth to thrive in, rather than drown in the darkness that is gangs, violence, drugs, etc. I learned that there is a way for youth to express themselves in a calm and peaceful manner that will allow them to be heard by those who need to hear them.

It is so important for our youth do discover the arts because it promotes imagination, imagination promotes creativity, and creativity promotes innovation. We cannot thrive as a society if we do not have innovation and creation.
— Nathan Casteel, Acer Sales Operation Manager
After watching the spoken word videos, I could see how liberating and daunting it must be for artists (and anyone for that matter) to express their feelings and share their words with the world. It was equally inspiring to hear the young students at DMCStudio/MACLA share their thoughts and discuss how different issues affect them in today’s society. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect and listen to the youth in our community who have so much to say – your time is invaluable to them and you might learn a thing or two :)
— Tammy Huynh, Acer Accountant